Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Favorite Cricket Teams of world cup 2015

Till now we have discussed a lot about the world cup 2015 to be held in Australia and NZ we have discussed the venue, the qualifier, the minnows, the under dogs but in this section we are going to discuss about the team which I personally feel is the favorite to win the world cup 2015, they are
Four times world champion and 2 times runner up no other country has this kind of success in world cup as Aussie their strength lies in their discipline performance and learning form their mistake that was the reason that even after losing the Ashes series to England in June they fought back in 3 month times and regain the Ashes after winning every match of the series when they are in song they are almost invincible that the reason that they won all the matches in 2003 world cup.
Though In 2011 Aussie even failed to qualify for the semis but make no mistake that 2015 will be a different world cup for primarily two reason first they are playing in home and second they are at high after winning the Ashes series so compressively Placed in group A with England, NZ, SL, BD, SCO and AFG it is almost certain that they will qualify for the 2nd round and with player like Warner, Watson, Faulkner and Johnson I don’t think it will be hard for the captain Michael Clark to aim for the fifth title and a first in home and to help Clark achieve the target almost 100000 Australian will be there to boost their team in MCG, but aussie must guard themselves from compliancy otherwise the result of 1992 is also possible when Aussie fail to qualify for even the semis.
South Africa:
I know lot of people would be surprised to see SA as a favorite nation to win the WC because SA is just the opposite of Aussie when it comes to big tournament their record is dismal in multi nation tournament they have fail to even reach the final of a world cup but make no mistake they are definitely a great side they have a strong batting line up with player like AB, Smith, Amala, Miller and dummy who are capable of chasing any score their bowling line up led by world fattest bowler Dale Styen and abily supported by Morkel is capable enough to defend any total and even the condition in Australia will also suit their kind of play.
Favorite Cricket Teams
Placed in Group B with WI, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland and UAE moving to second round is quiet easy for SA after that them have to be mentally strong to shed the chocker tag.
So with this thread of two favorite team for WC 2015 which is quiet difficult to predict because cricket is the game of glorious uncertainty and any team can defeat any team on a given day (that what makes the game even more interesting) it’s impossible to predict the result of the tournament and that to WC after all who would have thought that India will win the world cup in 1983 or that Kenya will qualify for the semi in WC 2003 or that both Indian and Pakistan will fail to qualify beyond group stage in 2007 even England lost to Ireland after making more than 300 runs in WC 2011 but whatever will be the result of WC 2015 one thing is quiet certain that there will be lot of interesting game played before the winner will be finally decided at MCG till then it’s all speculation.